2019 liepos 11

Kviečiame į Baltijos dramos forumą ir tarptautinę scenos menų konferenciją “MIND THE GAP”

„Sirenos“ kviečia į Baltijos dramos forumą ir tarptautinę konferenciją “MIND THE GAP”, rengiamą bendradarbiaujant su Scenos meno kritikų asociacija, Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija ir Lietuvos kultūros institutu. Konferencija vyks 2019 m. rugsėjo 24-25 d. Vilniuje.

Baltijos dramos forumas kasmet vyksta vienoje iš trijų Baltijos šalių. Renginio tikslas yra skatinti bendradarbiavimą scenos menų srityje tarp Baltijos šalių profesionalų ir institucijų, supažindinti su teatro lauke vykstančiais procesais, kūrėjais ir naujais reiškiniais. Šiemet jame laukiame apsilankant apie 20 ekspertų iš Latvijos ir Estijos.

Baltijos dramos forumo programoje: Lietuvos spektaklių vitrina, tarpautinė konferencija “MIND THE GAP”, tinklaveikos renginiai, susitikimai, pokalbiai.


Open call: International performing arts conference „MIND THE GAP“

International Theatre festival “Sirenos”, Association of Performing Arts Critics and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatreare happy to invite to take part in an international conference of Baltic drama forum “MIND THE GAP“. The conference will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, 24-25 September 2019.

Contemporary Baltic states theatre is currently made by the artists whose worldview was highly influenced by the soviet era experience. But the younger generation that has no experience of this long traumatising period is now also becoming a strong voice in performing arts. This generation of the artists have incomparably different cultural experience than all the older ones. That makes the way they think and the way they choose to speak unique. The attempts of different generations to communicate through the gap of time, experience, and culture separating them is central to the international conference “Mind the gap”.

In this conference we wish to explore how different generations of art makers, critics, theoreticians and managers in Baltic states work together or against each other. We want to figure out how does the youngest generation of theatre professionals change aesthetics, professional ethics, and the vocabulary that we use to speak about performing arts. We also ask, whether it is more productive for the generations to collaborate or fight. And maybe there is no such thing as a generational gap in performing arts – only differences in taste.

The conference will be held as a part of the Baltic drama forum. The aim of “MIND THE GAP” is to try and figure out current state of Baltic states theatre. Therefore, we invite all generations of professional performing arts makers, critics, theoreticians and managers from Baltic states to participate.

Proposals for the papers should be sent to kristina.steib@gmail.com by August 5th.

The Proposals should include:

Conference will be held in English. The chosen papers will be published in “Teatro žurnalas” and research journal “Ars et praxis”. The organisers will provide accommodation (4 nights), meals, and tickets to Lithuanian theatre showcase for participants of the conference. The organisers of the Conference do not cover travel expenses.

For further information please contact coordinator of the conference Kristina Steiblyte kristina.steib@gmail.com