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Meeting with Ana Ablamonova, curator of the Lithuanian theater showcase

September 22 there will be a morning conversation with Ana Ablamonova, the curator of the jubilee Lithuanian theater showcase.

DATE: 22 September | 11:00
VENUE: CAFFEINE, Pylimo st. 19

“For many of our local artists Lithuanian theatre showcase of Vilnius International Theatre Festival “Sirenos” has always been a main or at least an auxiliary gateway to an international market. The programme of the Lithuanian theatre showcase, representing theatre season of 2022–2023, was put together, bearing in mind this crucial function of the showcase, shaped by many years of festival experience. Target spectator of this programme is a supposed curator from abroad, coming to “Sirenos” from Central or Western Europe and looking for unique authentic content, unusual artistic language, uncanny topics and experiences and intriguing cultural contexts, that can be presented in the programmes of the festivals he or she is curating.” 

Ana Ablamonova
Curator of the Lithuanian Theater showcase

We invite you to a conversation with Ana Ablamonova, during which the curator will present the program of the jubilee Lithuanian theater showcase, its formation and contexts.