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Working from personal substance

Director Anna Karasinska workshop

DATES: 2,3 September | from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

VENUE: Art printing house


A two-day workshop related to writing a text for theatre and performance based on a personal material of those involved in the process of creating a performance – author, director and performers.

We will get to know examples of methods of generating, sourcing and processing material that can form the basis of a text and we will perform short practical exercises.

We will address issues considered problematic – who is the author of the text?  What belongs to whom? What is the difference between improvisation and working with tools? We will discuss whether working with personal content is dangerous and, if so, how and for whom.

The workshop is not a classical writing workshop. Rather, it will aim to  encourage the participants to formulate answers for themselves: what role the text plays in their work, what kind of writing responds to their needs and takes into account their disposition, what is their idea of the relation between the personal and the universal.



The workshop is free but will be auditioned. The selection criterion is a motivational letter.


Anna Karasinska is a Polish director of the middle generation, whose strength is the ability to speak sensitively, accurately, firmly about extremely fragile things. Born and raised in Łódź, directos simultaneously studied directing at the famous Łódź Film School and philosophy at the University of Łódź. Cinematography and philosophy always distinguish her works from others, as well as her work methodology – she improvises a lot with the actors, and then writes down the texts that appear during the improvisations and works with them until they turn into a certain essence – for the actors themselves on stage.