me two / WE, THE CLIQUE

Savoj krūvoj

Author of the idea, choreographer Airida Gudaitė

Director Jonas Tertelis

Duration: 1 h

Date: 22 September, 5 pm
Venue: Arts Printing House


LOW AIR Vilnius City Dance Theatre’s performance Me Two / We, the Clique was born from the desire of students and teacher at Low Air school to create a performance that talks about their (teenagers’) world – not in the language of an adult, but in the language of teenagers. In the creative process, very intimate and often ‘uncomfortable’ stories between teenagers and dance theatre professionals as well as different perspectives on them emerged, raising questions about where the boundaries lie between the worlds of the two generations, why sensitive disclosures are often silenced or ignored. And why, in many cases, when we start telling a story and hear a silent ‘it happened to me too’, we rarely want to support each other.

Thanks to a choreographer Airida Gudaitė and the creative team, the performance turns into a tangible body, or maybe a feeling. The desire to tell about their world, so rarely broadcasted, turns into an invitation to stay in a teenager’s head, or maybe in his or her room. As if to hear them talking or talk to them yourself. This space is open for all to explore, talk and chat. Both before and during the performance. Both with others and with yourself. Not to be afraid, and to dare to say ‘me too’.


In 2011, after presenting the first creative work adapted to the theatre stage – the urban dance performance Feel-Link, the duo felt the need to continue the path of professional creation.

Founded in 2012 by dancers and choreographers Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius, the first Urban Dance Theatre in Lithuania aims to reveal the artistic potential of expanded urban dance and present it to performing arts professionals and lovers. Whilst experimenting and combining different dance styles and movement forms, elements of performance and physical theatre, choosing themes for the performances, curating and educating young dancers on stage, Low Air both develops and gathers a professional community around it as well as implements audience development strategies by building interdisciplinary bridges.

Having received the attention of foreign critics and professionals on tours, in 2017 Low Air Dance Company received the title of Vilnius City Dance Theatre. This gave an even greater responsibility to make Vilnius and Lithuania famous in the world.