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Lithuanian Theater showcase awards

The event is organized by the creative team of the play “Memoirs of a Young Man”

Enterance is free

DATES: 24, October | 21:00

VENUE: Opera Social House

*The play deals with themes of violence and uses strobe and smoke effects

The celebration is dedicated to the creators and viewers of the Lithuanian theater, where the most outstanding works of this year’s showcase will be awarded. Three awards will be given by an international jury, and the fourth, the prize for the most audience-appealing performance, will be awarded by LRT.

Anniversary showcase programme includes three jury awards – for a production, a person and a creative team. The prize itself is a musical instrument theremin, that produces sounds, perfectly matching the whole Siren-like vibe. When announcing the decision, the committee will specify what is this particular award for. Also, the jury will share their impressions of the whole Lithuanian theatre showcase programme. Jury’s verdict is an extremely important part of the showcase, allowing to understand how Lithuanian theatre productions are perceived in an international context and identifying what artists and creative pursuits are more valued by foreign specialists, rather than our own critics and spectators.

Prizes will be awarded not only by the international jury, but also by the spectators, who will be able to vote for the most audience-appealing production on the website of “Sirenos” partner LRT.

Members of this year’s jury – festival “Fast Forward” curator Charlotte Orti von Havranek (Germany), Polish director Łukasz Twarkowski, familiar to Lithuanian audience because of his works “Lokis” and “Respublika”. Ewa Zembok – curator of the festival “Kutna Hora Performing Arts” and the founder of the  Divadlo X10 theatre (Czech Republic), cultural producer and director, curator of the performing arts at the French organization ONDA (Office national de diffusion artistique) Geoliane Arab (Lebanon) and Hyde Hytti – the executive producer of international projects at TINFO – Theatre Info Finland.