CEREBRUM, Le Faiseur de réalités


A Faiseurs de réalités / Company Yvain Juillard (Belgium)

Text, directing, acting: Yvain Juillard


Consultation: Olivier Boudon, Joseph Lacrosse, Laurent Wanson

Sound: Marc Doutrepont

Lightening and stage management: Vincent Tandonnet

Video: Stefano Serra, Robin Yerlès

Neuroscience advisor: Yves Rossetti (CNRS-INSERM), Céline Cappe (Cerco –


Production, promotion, press: Laura Sterckx, Caroline Goutaudier

Accompaniment: Isabelle Jans

Photography: Hichem Dahès

Graphics: Margot Sponchiado

The project is supported by:  le Théâtre de Namur / Centre Dramatique, the CORRIDOR and Fabrique de Théâtre, Aube Boraine / Mons 2015, Balsamine Theater, Colfontaine Culture Center, Varia Theater, Théâtre de la vie, National Theater, Briussels-Wallonie Federation, Wallonie-Bruxelles International.


Premiere: 2015,  Balsamine Theater, Brussels

Duration: 1h 10 mins.


DATES: 9 October, 16:00 and 20:00

VENUE: Lithuanian National Drama Theatre (Gedimino av. 4), Second Stage


Yvain Julliard – is a man who combines two very different fields: he is a professional actor and a Phd student in Art, and at the same time a biophysicist specializing in brain plasticity. In this lecture-show, Yvain questions our senses, memory, free will and consciousness. How real is the reality we live in? And what will the reality be when we move closer to the creation of immortal human consciousness through technological and medical innovation? There is almost no doubt that consciousness will soon be able to be transferred to a certain medium, preserved forever; and there is only one “but” left – it will remain without our usual vessel – the body.

Kristina Savickienė

Artistic Director of the Festival


What if reality was just the fruit of our imagination?

When we compare the human brain to the universe, some surprising similarities arise. Because of the myriad of cells that make up the brain and the myriad connections between them, the brain is as impenetrable as the universe is infinite. Exploring the brain is based on the hope that people understand who they are and that people themselves want to delve even deeper into exploring the meaning of their existence.


Yvain Juillard, a professional neurophysicist and actor invites us to his lecture-show to explore the mechanism of action of our brains. In doing so, the creator questions the versatility of the nature of reality. The brain, the place of our memories, our perception, our identity, remains an organ that is intimate and mysterious. Most of us know very little about this. This show is a simple and fun experiment to pass on the latest scientific knowledge to the public. This is a unique opportunity to discuss the latest discoveries in neuroscience science in a layman’s dictionary.


Science is an antidote to prejudice. That is a precious thing in the practice of performance art. It helps to maintain an openness. To prevent you from shutting yourself away in your certainties. To accept your own inertia, your condition as a biological being and that of others. It allows you to cultivate a form of perseverance, of patience, and of curiosity too. But whether you are an actor, a plumber, a carpenter, a banker or unemployed all of this still applies.

                                                                                                                             Yvain Juillard


About the creator


Yvain Juillard is a graduate of the INSAS Dramatic Interpretation Section. The artist is also a biophysicist specializing in brain plasticity, a doctoral student studying the interaction between art and science. On the theater and dance scene, Yvain has performed in the productions of Yoshi Oïda, Michel Dezoteux, Philippe Sireuil, Jean-Baptiste Sastre (Avignon Festival 2010), Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté, Lorent Wanson, Virginie Thirion. Since 2011 he regularly attends various research seminars in Belgium and France led by Joël Pommerat. At the cinema, Yvain works with the younger generation of Belgian and French directors: Ian Menoyot, Bernard Dresse, Camille Meynard, Pamela Varela. The artist played Louis XVI in Joël Pommerat’s film Ça ira (1) fin de Louis, also created the role of Noxo in the Canal + series under the same name. In 2013 and 2016 he was awarded the CNES Writing Scholarship in Chartreuse de Villeneuve les Avignon, and from 2018 he is a lecturer at the INSAS (Cinema Section).



Through a series of simple yet disconcerting experiments, Yvain Juillard questioned our perception, our memory, our free will and our consciousness… because out of the billions of operations that take place within us every second, what tiny fraction are we actually aware of? And where does our ability to wonder about it even come from? The answers to these questions are everyone’s concern. Such are the stakes of Cerebrum, which combined the sharing of merry scientific knowledge with the evocation of the actor’s personal journey on this neural quest. With his theatrical talent added into the mix, the result was a spectacular and captivating lecture, performed in playful interaction with the audience.


Isabelle Dumont / Alternatives Théâtrales



The spectator is faced with two possibilities, depending on how attuned he feels to scientific rigor: blissfully penetrate among the waves and the synapses, or prolong the freshly garnered scientific data with a fiction all of their own. Both of which bleeding into the other.


Véronique Giraud / Le journal des créations du 21e 



Yvain Juillard questions, in interaction with the public, our perception, our memory, our free will and our consciousness, through a series of simple yet disconcerting experiments. “The brain always creates the image he thinks is the most coherent, hence his immense capacity to mislead us“.