Director: Naubertas Jasinskas

Producer: Kaunas City Chamber Theater

Duration: 1 h 40 min

Premiere: 15 and 16 June 2021 

Date: 25 September, 12 pm
Venue: Kaunas City Chamber Theatre (Kęstučio str. 74A, Kaunas)


Launching a different theatrical experience, the play bowel creates and analyzes the interaction between identity and everyday influences that shape it. Here, the reality intertwines with a virtual world, and through the images and sensations, monotony and routine are examined. These states become the basis of the action, as the characters of the work experience them in a surreal comic world. Viewers are invited to change the perspective in which we perceive ourselves, to reject the limited perceptions of meaning and purpose raised or broken by ourselves. The performance and the specially written play were based on the theatre principles of the famous French theatre master Antonin Artaud (1896–1948), his creative method and his first play Jet de Sang. A play by a French artist that has never been staged in Lithuania presents a fantastic course of events in the creation and (self) destruction of a man and the world. Meanwhile, Naubertas Jasinskas examines the ephemerality of modern human identity.

Director Naubertas JASINSKAS was awarded the Golden Cross of the Stage as the best young artist for the performance bowel in 2022.

Kitokią teatro patirtį kuriantis spektaklis „bowel” analizuoja tapatybės ir ją formuojančių kasdieninių įtakų sąveiką. Čia realybė persipina su virtualiu pasauliu, o per vaizdus ir pojūčius nagrinėjama monotonija, rutina. Šios būsenos tampa veiksmo pagrindu, jas kūrinio veikėjai išgyvena siurrealistiškai komiškame pasaulyje. Žiūrovai kviečiami pakeisti perspektyvą, kurioje suvokiame save, atmesti sau iškeltus ar įbruktus, ribotus prasmės ir tikslo suvokimus.

Spektaklio ir jam specialiai parašytos pjesės koncepcijos pagrindu tapo žymiojo prancūzų teatro meistro Antonino Artaud (1896–1948) teatro principai, jo kūrybinis metodas ir jo pirmoji pjesė „Kraujo purslai“ (pranc. „Jet de Sang“). Lietuvoje niekada nestatyta prancūzų menininko pjesė pateikia fantastišką žmogaus ir pasaulio sukūrimo bei sunaikinimo (savinaikos) įvykių eigą. Tuo tarpu Naubertas Jasinskas nagrinėja šiuolaikinio žmogaus tapatybės efemeriškumą.

Režisierius Naubertas JASINSKAS už spektaklį „bowel“ 2022 m. apdovanotas Auksiniu scenos kryžiumi, kaip geriausias jaunasis menininkas.


A theatre artist. In 2018 he obtained a bachelor’s degree in theatre directing from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (course mentor Jonas Vaitkus) where he continued studies and in 2020 received a master’s degree (course mentor Yana Ross). In 2018, Jasinskas debuted as an actor in the OKT performance Me, Fojerbach (directed by Lina Židonytė). In 2018, after winning a contest for young artists held by the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, he presented there a performance Orfeo. City Lights. In 2020, his graduation play based on A. Strindberg’s play The Pelican was put on stage.

In the course of improving his artistic skills, the young artist gained experience as a director’s assistant as well as obtained internships and residencies at some of the most prominent European theatres: in 2018 at the Bergen National Drama Theatre (Norway) with the director Yana Ross; in 2019 at the Volksbühne Theatre in Berlin (Germany) with the director Susanne Kennedy and at the Schauspielhaus Zürich Theatre (Switzerland) at the opening of the 2019/2020 season.


Kaunas City Chamber Theatre is a municipal theatre established as Kaunas Youth Musical Studio by a director Stanislovas Rubinovas and acquired the status of a professional theatre in 1986. In 1991, the theatre moved to a current building in the city centre, where two chamber spaces were created for close stage-viewer connection.

The theatre repertoire is dominated by various genres, themes and forms of theatre dedicated for people of all ages, social groups and different cultural and intellectual experiences.

THEATRE WITHOUT A GAP is  probably the most accurate slogan to describe this particular theatre.