Big Pharma

Big Pharma

Director: Arturas Bumšteinas

Producer: Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater

Duration: 1 h 10 min

Language: Lithuanian with English surtitles

Premiere 4 December 2021 

Date: 24 September, 1 pm
Venue: Arts Printing House, Black Hall (Šiltadaržio  str. 6, Vilnius)


Arturas Bumšteinas is no doubt one of the most interesting artists in contemporary Lithuanian scene. A composer and a conceptual artist, in Big Pharma he created a unique emotional experience, which resembles a session of hypnosis, penetrating the listener’s consciousness and turning conceptual compositions into emotionally influential ones. Repeated like a prayer, the sentences used by the pharmaceutical industry are beginning to alter the nature. The Big Pharma asks how monotonous instructions can become an emotionally powerful tool.