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Tim Etchells

That Night Follows Day

A rehearsed reading

Forced Entertainment (United Kingdom)

WRITER: Tim Etchells

DIRECTOR: Matthew Evans

LOCAL ASSISTANT: Uršulė Bartoševičiūtė


PERFORMERS: locals aged 8-14


DURATION: 60 min.

PREMIERE: “That Night Follows Day” was originally commissioned and produced by Victoria (now – Campo) in 2007


LANGUAGE: Lithuanian


DATE: 4, 5 October 2019, 19:00

VENUE: Dance Theatre (T. Kosciuškos str. 11, Vilnius)



MODERATOR: Karolis Vyšniauskas

DATE: 4 October, 20:15

VENUE: Dance Theatre, Cafe

You feed us. You wash us. You dress us. You sing to us. You watch us when we are sleeping. You explain to us the different causes of illness and the different causes of war. You whisper when you think we can’t hear. You explain to us that night follows day.

That Night Follows Day is a comical and poignant text by Tim Etchells, the Artistic Director of internationally renowned theatre company Forced Entertainment. Written for performers between the ages of 8 and 14, the work explores the ways in which adults’ words and actions shape and influence young people’s experience. Addressing the audience directly, a chorus of children explores and interrogates the range of advice, facts, truisms, white lies and excuses they hear from their elders.

In partnership with Sirenos Festival, Forced Entertainment will create a rehearsed reading of the work. Through the process 17 local people from ages 8 to 14 will work with the Forced Entertainment team in a series of workshops to create a one-off presentation of That Night Follows Day which will be performed in public.

“I created the play in 2007 along with 16 young people in Belgium. The idea was to explore the influence that adults have on the worlds of youngsters. What are the rules that adults follow, and what are their goals? Which things are ok to tell children, and what are the limitations here?”

Tim Etchells, director


Forced Entertainment is one of the most prominent contemporary theatre companies in Britain. Based in Sheffield, the company has been active since 1984,  touring different numerous stages and festivals around  the world. This is their first visit to Lithuania. At the heart of Forced Entertainment is a group of six artists: Tim Etchells (artistic director), Robin Arthur, Richard Lowdon, Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden, and Terry O’Connor. They got together to “explore and explode the conventions of genre, narrative, and theatre itself”. This collective, known for their far-reaching and profound influence on the contemporary theatre scene in Europe, is always provocative and ready to have a real conversation with their audience.

The company has been described as “the best group of stage actors in England” (The Times, 2004). Combining discussion, improvisation, and writing, its rehearsal process is a creative laboratory that discovers unexpected and inspiring answers to questions of life and art.

The company was awarded the international Ibsen award in 2016, which was given to them by an international jury hired by the Norwegian government, for “new forms of expression in theatre and drama”.



An artist and a writer based in the UK whose work shifts between performance, visual art and fiction. Etchells has worked in a wide variety of contexts, notably as the leader of the world-renowned Sheffield-based performance group Forced Entertainment. Recent publications include Vacuum Days (Storythings, 2012) and While You Are With Us Here Tonight (LADA, 2013). Etchells’ work has been shown recently at Cubitt, Hayward Gallery and Bloomberg SPACE in London, at Turner Contemporary and Compton Verney in the UK, at Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam) and MUHKA (Antwerp).

Currently Professor of Performance & Writing at Lancaster University, he was a Tate / Live Art Development Agency ‘Legacy: Thinker In Residence’ Award winner in 2008, Artist of the City of Lisbon in 2014 and he received the prestigious Spalding Gray Award in February 2016.


Matthew Evans works with “Forced Entertainment” on the “That Night Follows Day” project, is an independent theatre director and runs award-winning company “Gameshow”. Mathew also works regularly with director Katie Mitchell – as staff director at National Theatre, associate director at Hampstead Theatre and Young Vic, assistant director on Trauernacht (Festival D’Aix) and on tour with La Maladie De La Mort (Bouffes du Nord).

“The theatre that we create has to be live; it generates energy and tension when interacting with people who come to these spaces. We’re interested in staging plays that explore the modern world, excite us, challenge, and entertain us.”

Forced Entertainment