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Pedro Calderón de la Barca

Life is a dream

Gyvenimas tai sapnas

MMLAB (Meno ir mokslo laboratorija)


DIRECTOR: Gediminas Rimeika

COMPOSER: Agnė Matulevičiūtė

SET DESIGNER: Oleksii Makukhin

COSTUME DESIGNER: Sandra Straukaitė



SOUND OPERATOR: Julius Janukaitis

PRODUCER: Rusnė Kregždaitė


TECHNICAL MANAGER: Vladislav Bajaznyj

CAST: Algirdas Dainavičius, Laurynas Jurgelis, Simonas Dovidauskas, Aistė Zabotkaitė, Povilas Jatkevičius, Vygandas Vadeiša, Žygymantė Elena Jakštaitė


PREMIERE: 23 February 2023
DURATION: 120 min.

DATE:  21, September | 17:00

VENUE:  Arts Printing House, Black Hall

LANGUAGE: Lithuanian with English subtitles

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Hearing the prophecy that the sole heir to the throne – prince of Poland Sigismund – will bring misfortunes to his country and take over his father’s throne, King Basilias imprisons his son in a tower. After reaching adulthood Sigismund is released from the tower and soon learns about his real ancestry. He faces the unfamiliar world, which seems to merely be a dream for him. It brings out the prince’s darkest desires and awakens his greed and passion for ruling. If all of it is just a dream, is one still responsible for their actions?

In “Life is a Dream” by a distinguished Baroque author, Spanish playwright Pedro Calderón de la Barca, adventures entwine with philosophy, revenge, thirst for fame, love and intrigues. By interpreting this classical play creators of the production analyse the conflict between free will and destiny, delve into the contradictions of the existing reality and the one, that is being made up, as well as study the questions of justice and wisdom.

Director of the performance Gediminas Rimeika says: “This play delves into the fundamental topics, that have already become archetypes. These are thirst for glory, love, bloodline. Calderón portrays people burning with genuine passion and shows to what lengths they are willing to go in pursuit of their goals. This production is a fusion of classical and avant-garde theatre, giving audience a chance to drift into a dream, filled with intrigue, love, resentment and revenge”.



Gediminas Rimeika is known in Lithuanian theatre as both: an actor and a director. In 2010-2012 he studied theatre directing in Klaipėda University, in 2016 he graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (course led by Oskaras Koršunovas). After having played prominent roles in performances directed by Oskaras Koršunovas, Łukasz Twarkowski, Antanas Obcarskas, and Paulius Markevičius, Rimeika started directing himself in 2019. His directorial works can be characterised by attention to the actor, and openness for experimentation.



Arts and Science Lab (Meno ir mokslo laboratorija, MMLAB) is a young professional theatre based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was launched with creative projects where artists and scientists experimented together with new forms and subjects for the theatre works. The key MMLAB strategy is experimentation with artistic forms and subjects. In 2019 MMLAB gained professional theatre status by Lithuanian ministry of Culture. In 2019 by decision of Vilnius Municipality MMLAB became Vilnius City Theatre.

Each MMLAB project involves an increasingly larger number of artists; the LAB is also one of the fastest growing young artist organisations that have gained recognition among critics and audiences. Now there are 13 different performances (theatre, dance, interdisciplinary, audio) in the repertoire of MMLAB. Creators are also experimenting by creating installations in unconventional spaces, such as underground passages or old kindergarten.  Each summer MMLAB creates small experimental open stage – urban theatre festival, where performances are presented whole summer.