Baltic Drama Forum 2017 in Latvia

Baltic Drama Forum 2019

Forum for theatre professionals

ORGANISER: Vilnius International Theatre Festival “Sirenos”



Lithuanian Culture Institute
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Latvia’s Theatre Labour Association
Estonian Theatre Agency
Association of Performing Arts Critics




DATES: September 24-29, 2019
VENUE: Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Gedimino pr. 42, Vilnius)

Baltic drama forum is an international event taking place every three years in one of the Baltic states and uniting theatre professionals. This cultural exchange among Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is meant to not only reveal theatre and play-writing potential of the host country to its neighbours, but also to encourage new partnerships and liven up the collaboration among Baltic theatre institutions, artists, researchers and academics. In 2019 the task of organising the Baltic drama forum was given to Vilnius International Theatre Festival SIRENOS. In order to present both stage productions and reflections on Lithuanian and Baltic states’ theatre trends and relevancy, festival organisers have called together several institutions to expand the horizons of the forum programme – the Performing Arts Critics Association and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

On September 24–29 Baltic drama forum will hold an international conference “Mind the Gap” where researchers, academics and young theatre critics from the three states will give lectures on generation gaps and dialogues as well as constantly changing face of the theatre. This conference is also meant to follow in the footsteps of the writer and theatrologist Viktorija Ivanova, our dear colleague whom we remember fondly, who along with her colleagues initiated an annual International Conference for Young Theatre Critics (2010–2017).

The programme also presents Lithuanian Theatre Showcase, giving the participants of the forum an opportunity to see Lithuanian productions of the most recent season. Each day of the forum will bring various networking events and meetings, introducing guests from Latvia and Estonia to Lithuanian theatre representatives, artists and independent producers and will hopefully help establishing potential further collaborations among performing arts professionals in the Baltic states.